Class of 2019

Greg Suther studied with Sam Chapman and Bobby Tucker, beginning in July 1977, and was awarded his black belt by Sam Chapman on 31 August 1980, after testing before a panel that included, along with Mr. Chapman, Joe Corley, Keith Vitali, Chris McLaughlin, and Larry Black.

Greg had considered a career as a martial arts instructor as early as green belt, and after promotion to 2nd degree black belt in 1982, he began to look for schools outside of his home in Greenville, SC. It was Larry Black who offered a position at the Joe Corley Buckhead Studios in Atlanta, Ga. Greg accepted and became Chief Instructor on 5 April 1983. It was soon after that he began boxing/kickboxing training with Asa Gordon.

In 1987, Joe Corley moved the offices of the Professional Karate Association from New York to Atlanta. He also wanted to relocate the headquarter studio for the Joe Corley Schools. On 25 January 1988, Joe and Greg opened the new state-of-the-art Joe Corley American Karate Studio in Roswell, Ga., and it quickly became one of the premier studios in the country.

After nearly thirteen years of competition, Greg began his toughest fight ever. After a night of sparring when he felt much younger, he awoke the next morning with every joint, from neck to toes, completely stiff and swollen. The diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis was finally determined months later. After some time away from teaching to focus on gaining control of the disease, Greg was able to return to teaching but was limited in competition. When he moved to Atlanta, Greg began an affiliation with the Battle of Atlanta that continues today. He began officiating after earning his black belt and worked for several years as an assistant to Joe Corley. In recent years, he has been an Officials Coordinator for Greg Ruth. On 15 June 2018, Greg was presented the Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior Award by Joe Corley at the 50th Battle of Atlanta.

Greg has also served as a kickboxing official for the Professional Karate Association (PKA), Professional Karate Commission (PKC), and the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA).

Currently, Greg teaches at the Sam Chapmanā€™s American Karate School in Greenville, SC, and holds the rank of 7th degree, presented by Mr. Chapman on 27 August 2011. On 27 July 2019, he will be inducted into the Legends OF Carolina Martial Arts.

Hobbies outside of martial arts include fishing, singing, and playing guitar. He also learned to build guitars.