Episode 11


An inspiring discussion with Martial Arts legend Brian Pena. From baseball fan to Karate icon, he shares his journey, competition days, and family’s Martial Arts legacy. Unmissable episode!

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Excerpt: Pay attention to those that have come before you.

Excerpt: On the TCT


Excerpt: Great Rivalries – Butch Togisala

Excerpt: The Blackbelt

In this engaging discussion, we are joined by martial arts legend, Brian Pena, who opens up about his inspiring journey from a baseball-loving kid to a martial arts icon. Revealing how a passion for baseball led him to the world of Karate and how it became something he could truly own as a young boy. Listen as he shares his training experience as a young man, his competition days, his constant drive to outdo his rivals, and the way Martial Arts has blessed his entire family.

In this episode we delve into his competitive journey, discussing the impact it had on him. He opens up about the arrogance and ego he developed along the way, his love for black clothing, and the confidence he gained from his wins at the Super Grands and the Battle of Atlanta. He also speaks about the impact of Martial Arts on his business and personal life, how his family has changed him, and the challenges of balancing parenthood and leadership. We also talk about Karate as an art and a sport, the need for professionalism. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.