Season 1, Episode 1


The history of Hanshi Jerry Piddington, discussions on Karate-do, and other figures of Legend in Martial Arts.

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Excerpt: Greatest Accomplishment

Excerpt: On Sam Chapman

“Let us bring the spirit of our martial art ancestors into this new age through the American Karate Academies National Association for the greater gain of all. We can kindle our fire and transform our great heritage into greater achievements”

“And, in this corner, Jerry Piddington”… was the title of an article written about Mr. Piddington in the 1974 issue of Karate Illustrated which he appeared on the cover. Mr. Piddington was described in that article by his fellow karateka as one crazy dude, an animal, and a crazy animal that you needed a chair and a whip to fight. A lifelong rebel who purportedly won one match by flustering his opponent with a kiss, Mr. Piddington is still turning heads with his long hair and bushy beard, which earned him the nickname — The Untamed Lion.