Episode 10


Step into the captivating journey of martial artist John Chung, from young immigrant to US champion. Relive the 70s martial arts era through his inspiring story of tenacity and rivalry.

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Excerpt: Family Legacy

Excerpt: First Competition

Excerpt: First Blackbelt Tournament

Excerpt: Journey To America

Excerpt: Mickey Mouse, Suit and Tie

Welcome to a mesmerizing and enlightening conversation with a martial artist who has carved his name in history, John Chung. As he walks us through his incredible life journey from a 12-year-old immigrant from South Korea to a world champion martial artist in the US, you will find yourself captivated by his tenacity, resilience, and sheer love for martial arts. His childhood experiences, early competitions, and the intense rivalry between the East and West Coast teams will make you relive the golden era of martial arts in the 70s.

John’s life is a riveting tale that marries his passion for martial arts with a profound philosophy of mindfulness and being present. As he juggled his pre-med studies with teaching martial arts and competing in national tournaments, he never lost sight of his love for the art and the joy of the journey. His Eureka moment at the PKA Karate National Tournament and his subsequent triumphs, including his induction into the Blackbelt Hall of Fame, reveal a man who pursued his passion with unwavering commitment.

This episode is a celebration of the spirit of martial arts, the power of living in the present, and the magic of relationships. Tune in for an episode that is equal parts wisdom, inspiration, and warmth.