Season 2, Episode 9


Episode with Tony Young, going through his career from the beginning to today. How he went from small Karate tournaments to sponsorships to fighting on the world stage. 

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Excerpt: The Battle of Atlanta

Excerpt: His Style; Active

Excerpt: Night Time Fights to Sponsorships

Tony Young began Karate at the age of 12 and earned his Black Belt 4 years later. Tony Young is now an 8th degree Black Belt in the Gojo Ryu style of Karate. Tony Young was named the National Super Light Weight Karate Champion for 19 consecutive years. Tony Young has won over 1000 championship awards and prizes throughout his career. In 1997, Tony Young retired from international and national competition to focus on community affairs, business and tournament promotions. In 1985 Tony Young opened the Tony Young All-Star Karate Academy. Young works with Public and Private Schools in the Atlanta area and developed working relations with Billy Blanks, who is the creator and owner of Tae-Bo Aerobics.