Rank Promotions / Acknowledgements

“More than a rank or status, the Black Belt represents an attitude and a state of mind. It is a spirit or mindset that no challenge is too great, no goal unreachable, and no task too difficult if one works hard and is patient it is for the long haul. If done properly, a truly earned Black Belt is someone who carries past mistakes, failures, trials, and tribulations as a steppingstone to create the best version possible of themselves.” – unknown


Judan (10th Degree Blackbelt)

Mr. Sam Chapman (2019)
Mr. Charles Burris (2020)
Mr. Bill Daniels (2020)
Mr. Jerome ‘Magic’ Johnson (2021)
Mr. Vic Coffin (2022)
Mr. Larry Hodges (2023)
Mr. Lawrence McSwain (2023)
Mr. Mike Stone (2023)

Kudan (9th Degree Blackbelt)

Mr. Marty Knight (2018)
Mr. Charles Lingerfelt (2019)
Mr. Joe McClellan (2019)
Mr. Billee Purvis (2019)
Mr. Don
ald ‘Duck’ Roberts (2019)
Mr. AJ Anderson (2021)
Mr. Ricky Smith (2021)
Mr. Johnny Stinson (2021)
Mr. Ricky Taylor (2021)
Mr. Donald McCluney (2022)
Mr. Gary Shull (2022)
Mr. Carlos Howard (2023)
Mr. Bill Osterholt (2023)
Mr. Greg Suther (2023)

Hachidan (8th Degree Blackbelt)

Mr. Chad Allen (2020)
Mr. CW Davis (2020)
Mr. Ken Davis (2020)
Mr. Dwayne Scott (2020)
Ms. Jane Scott (2020)
Mr. Jay Bell (2021)
Mr. Coy Reid (2021)
Mr. Rick Sparks (2021)
Mr. David Grady (2023)
Mr. Mike Matthews (2023)
Mr. Bill Sanford (2023)

Shichidan (7th Degree Blackbelt)

Mr. Wilson Rhyne (2020)
Mr. Roger Smith (2020)
Mr. Jimmy Moore (2022)
Mr. Terry Floyd (2023)
Ms. Ashley Floyd (2023)

Rokudan (6th Degree Blackbelt)

Mr. Corey Waiters (2022)
Mr. Woody Elders (2023)

Godan (5th Degree Blackbelt)

Mr. Josh Bailey (2020)
Mr. Mike Keever (2020)
Mr. Ronnie Ward (2020)
Ms. Allison Pena (2021)
Mr. Ray Nash (2022)
Mr. Alan Amick (2023)
Mr. Jason Salter (2023)

Sandan (3rd Degree Blackbelt)

Ms. Carrissa Merchant (2020)
Ms. Jill Hunnicutt (2021)

Nidan (2nd Degree Blackbelt)

Mr. Gene Crawford (2020)
Mr. Mike Waldrop (2020)
Mr. David Washco (2020)
Mr. Clint Merchant (2021)
Mr. Christian Merchant (2023)
Ms. Laney Pena (2023)

Shodan (1st Degree Blackbelt)

Ms. Melissa Laskowski (2020)
Ms. Laney Pena (2021)
Ms. Gabby Pena (2022)
Mr. Erik Crawford (2023)

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