Season 1, Episode 2


The history of Jerome ‘Magic’ Johnson, discussions on Karate-do, and other figures of Legend in Martial Arts.

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Excerpt: Greatest Accomplishment

Excerpt: Life Is Karate – Karate Is Life

Grandmaster Johnson is a 10th Degree Black Belt with more than 50 years Martial Arts experience, a Martial Arts hall of famer, winner of the Sport Karate Museum Dragon Image Fighting Award, the Dojo Organization, United Karate Federation, American Martial Arts Association and many others.

Mr. Johnson has been awarded multipliable competitor of the year awards, and fighting championships in light, middle and light heavy weight divisions. He is the National arbitrator for the National Black Belt League as well as several other sport karate competition circuits.

Mr. Johnson has also received Business Man of the Year, Martial Artist of the Year, Instructor of the Year, Promoter of the Year, Man of the Year. He has been listed with Who’s Who of the Martial Arts, and the prestigious Life Time Achievement Award.