Season 1, Episode 5


Episode with Mike Hess, discussions on Karate-do, and other figures of Legend in Martial Arts.

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Excerpt: Virgil Kimmey’s Blackbelt

Excerpt: On Old School Blackbelts

Excerpt: Greatest Accomplishment in Karate

Mike Hess, a 10th degree black belt, began his training in the Zenshotokai Karate Ryu system under the late Master Virgil Kimmey in 1967 and rose to the position of senior student.

In addition to his Zenshotokai rank, Shihan Hess hold a 5th degree black belt in U.S. TAI Karate Association. Under Grand Master David German, he also held the title of Aloha Goodwill Games Grand Master, U.S. TAI Karate Black Belt Grand Champion and competed in full contact Karate for 3 years.